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misssam831 [userpic]

ohmigawdz so true!

February 7th, 2006 (11:27 am)

Your Five Factor Personality Profile


You have high extroversion.
You are outgoing and engaging, with both strangers and friends.
You truly enjoy being with people and bring energy into any situation.
Enthusiastic and fun, you're the first to say "let's go!"


You have high conscientiousness.
Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life.
Most things in your life are organized and planned well.
But you borderline on being a total perfectionist.


You have high agreeableness.
You are easy to get along with, and you value harmony highly.
Helpful and generous, you are willing to compromise with almost anyone.
You give people the benefit of the doubt and don't mind giving someone a second chance.


You have medium neuroticism.
You're generally cool and collected, but sometimes you do panic.
Little worries or problems can consume you, draining your energy.
Your life is pretty smooth, but there's a few emotional bumps you'd like to get rid of.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is high.
In life, you tend to be an early adopter of all new things and ideas.
You'll try almost anything interesting, and you're constantly pushing your own limits.
A great connoisseir of art and beauty, you can find the positive side of almost anything.

misssam831 [userpic]

I'm choking on baby Jesus!

February 6th, 2006 (09:34 pm)

Moodage: so sleepy lately
I hear: shake that ass

don't ask.


about my weekend. homework free i might add! except for sunday of course.

oh but first. i went tanning for 15 minutes in their level 1 beds thursday after work which resulted in me burning on my chest and stomach. it didn't hurt, it was just really red. so i didn't go tanning at all over the weekend which resulted in a nice tan. so that's good. and apparently i burn theeeennnn tan. oh well. i'm just glad it cleared up.

um friday i had class till 11:50. we had a quiz in History that i got an 81 on. not bad, not bad. and another quiz is Englisssshhhh that i got a 17.5/25 on. whatever that means.

lata after class i stopped into Wendy's to check the schedule and pick up my check which i cashed. got gas. then stopped home to change then went to get my nails done. just a french manicure. it's been way too long and it's nice to do something for yourself once in a while.

friday night me, huey, my sister jessica, her friend emily all went to see When A Stranger Calls. we were suppose to go to the 9something show, but no. i got lost going to huey's. go figure. so we took a pit stop to Starbucks and went to the 10:15 show instead. the movie was good. but not as good as all the camotion about it or previews made it out to be. after the movie, i dropped jessica and emily back off at emily's house to spend the night then i dropped huey back off at his house and actually found my way home.

saturday jessica dyed my hair! =D i picked her up from emily's at 12noon then we ran into Wegmans and bought the hair dye. we started at 1:30. i had to wait down in the basement. alone. for 25 whole minutes. lol. oh well. when the 25 minutes were up, we washed the dye out, i took a shower then blow dryed and straightened it. i lovvvve it! it's darker with red tints aaaaaallllllllllllllllll throughout and you can really see them when the light hits it. maybe even a little too much, but what can ya do. a professional couldn't of done it better. i know because i've asked to go darker with red highlights throughout and these results are closer to what i want, so i'm prettydamnhappy with them!

i must of been tired after the whole ordeal. so i napped for idk how long. i woke up a couple times to dan text messaging me. then katie and allison called me which got me up then jeff beeped in, but i ended up hanging out with katie and allison. so i got ready and when i finally got there, i went upstairs and hugged allison who i haven't seen in literally forever and have missed like crazy! we decided we were gonna go the movies, but we first had to stop at the bank so katie could get money out which was her literally hanging out my backseat window then by my house to get money from my mom.

i felt bad katie was sitting in my back seat by herself so i had to come up and sit on allison's lap then while i was driving katie goes "do you like my hat?" so i look over and she's wearing my work visor, which she proceeded to wear to and during the movie, it was pretty damn funny. when we first go to the movies, we noticed that there were way too many people there. some of which we actually knew. when we got our tickets, allison bought us a large drink that we shared... it almost looked like we were on a date. not really. so we saw Something New and we're literally the only white people in the entire theater i swear! lol. it was pretty damn funny though. the girls behind us kept cracking jokes and laughing at things we didn't understand and my cell phone decided to go off in the middle of the movie ahh! lol. good times man. good times.

then we decided to go to Denny's, which was also too crowded. lol. but i love it there. it reminds me of the Summerrrr. i swear our waitress thought we were all stoned! lol. she like kept staring at our eyes. allison and i shared cheesy bacon fries mmmmmmmm and we all talked about what to guys for Valentine's Day and just guys in general because what straight girl doesn't? then we saw katie's dad coming in with his date just as we were leaving, so that was interesting too.

afterward, we made a random stop to Wegmans so we could buy katie's higlights to highlight her hair later. we were like the only ones's there. while we were there, allison randomly bought some chocolate creme piiie mmmmm and katie bought some sparkling grape juice.

when we got back to katie's, allison started to highlight katie's hair while i fiddled around on katie's computer. katie's hair looks much lighter. much. but in a good way =) the whole process took about until 5am. well. that's what time we all got to bed anyway. dan called my cell so i talked to him for a bit and we all talked about me and dan before we went to bed.

OHH! and Fall Out Boy is coming to B-LO in April. tickets haven't gone on sell yet, but i for sure wanna go! i might go with allison and katie if dan doesn't end up going. i asked jebber if he wanted to come along but who knows.

okso. my mom called my cell at like 7:45am wondering where the heck i was then katie's cell alarm went off at 11 then allison's mom called katie's cell followed by dan calling mine. allison's dad picked her up at 12noon then i left.

when i got home, katie IMs me and tells me that i left my coat over at her house so i went back to pick it up then spent the rest of my Superbowl Sunday procrastinating my homework, which resulted in me waking up at 6:30am this morning to do it then doing it before my History class then doing as i was walking to English when the end result was we just not getting it done at all which resulted in me probably bombing the quiz she gave. lol. goooooooo me! note the sarcasm.

had a math test first thing this morning. 10 point bonus question. pretty damn easy. we'll see tomorrow. hopefully. History more notes. english pfft. but we did get our homework #1 assignment corrections back. i got a B overall. not bad. not bad. considering the class and all. after english, i got some lunch during my break from 12noon-2. couldn't find emily today. then fell asleep in the chair with steve's blanket/coat thing. had rob wake me up 15 minutes before my class started at 2. bri ended up skipping her 2 o'clock class because she had really bad cramps =( poor girly. we got our first journal assignments back in my intro. to teaching class. i got an A with a comment that read: "samantha: you will make an awesome teacher!" goooooooo me! note the not-sarcasm.

hokay. then i worked 5-8 tonight. ok. 5-7. whatever. it was unbelieeeevably slow tonight. like too slow. so slow that laurie had to send home a handful of people at 7, including myself. for being a monday and for being so slow, 5-7 went by pretty damn fast. plus i liked working up front with donald. he's always fun to talk to. after work i went tanning. i got a free upgrade since i've signed up so i used that and used the stand up bed so i could get under my arms. i went in for 7 minutes because the 10 minutes in the level 3 beds are equivalent to 20 minutes in the level 1 beds, so yeah.

and now i'm home! dan signed up for dodgeball at school and their first game was tonight. they lost, but it was close i guess. i called dan's mom to let them all know how my week was going. it was funny when matthew answered and i asked for their mom, i heard their mom in the background say "is that my sammi girl!?" hehe cute! my dad tried to hook my printer/scanner up, but you apparently have to hook another cord up to the printer going to the actual computer, so justin's gonna have to look at it. oh well. i don't really care. lol.

you know. for being my one long day for the entire week, today went by pretty damn fast. but hey. i'm not complaining or anything.

my daniel comes home on friday for our big Valentine's Day weekend then Florida next week! WHEE! and dan might be going home to NYC with his friend andrew from school next weekend. he's never been there before so i'm all excited for him! i lovvvved it there so i'm sure he will too!

hokay well. this has taken up enough time where i could be doing some productive.

like homework.

but who knows with me.

har har!

misssam831 [userpic]

i've been busy

February 2nd, 2006 (12:25 pm)

Moodage: mmm. lunchhhhhhhh time
I hear: staind

i haven't been updating much because i've been busy with trying to keep up on top of my homework and work. so i apologize.

it's been what? a week? so bare with me.

to make a long story short. last weekend consisted of homework, homework and ohh! more homework. so i became extreeeeeeeemely stressed out like you would not belieeeeeeeeve.

on a good note. my mom signed me up for a month on tanniiiing so i've been doing that every night after work. i'm hoping to get a job there. not anytime soon. but in the summer. because i wanna work full-time so i can put money away for buff. PLUS i get FREE tanning and 50% off of the lotions! =D

let's see. i guessssssss we can start with monday and go from there.

monday's are my long days.

i had math first.

math is getting easier. i'm getting use to using MyMathLab. i do awwwwesome on the homework assignments, but the quizzes are a different story. but you can go back and correct homework and redo quizzes when neccassary. and you can check your overall average, which is cool too. i've been staying on top of my homework. i have an 86something average in that class as of right now. i wanna try to maintain an 80 or above throughout the semester.

then i had history.

i was a little skeptical about that class because it's a writing intensive course so i was stressing over the first writing assignment. we had to read a 12-page article and do a 2-page summary on the entire article. well. i didn't understand the article so that made the whole summary part a little difficult. so that was frusterating. BUT we got our summaries back yesterday, was it? yeah. and i got an A, so that made me happy and i'm feeling better about that class. he handed out our book report assignments that are due february something. i forget.

english is a different story.

we had to do an arguement analysis for 1 of the 6 sides of 3 articles. if you don't get all and i mean aaaaaallllllllllllllllll of the MLA formatting correct, the highest grade you can get is a D. a D. not a B or a C or even a C-. a effing D! so when we got our papers back, she had 2 grades on mine. the first being for the actual content, which came out to a B. not too bad i guess. and the second was for the MLA format which i got. yep. you guessed it. a D. she's giving us the opportunity to correct it and get an A so i have to do that tonight. BUT this is the only paper we have the opportunity of correcting. aaaand tomorrow we have a quiz. a quiz. in english. ugh. so english is by far my least favorite class, which is sad because i use to lovvvve english in high school. but wait. i forgot we're NOT in high school anymore. crap.

after english, i got some lunchhhhhhhh. i was suppose to work out with emily but she was only going from 12-12:30 because she had class at 1 so i figured that wouldn't be enough time. she plans on working on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays so we'll see if i actually follow through. i really want to. when i'm at buff it should be easier because i'll have the time.

my introduction to teachings class was giving me a hard time too. we had to do a scavenger hunt with groups to find out what we all need to do become certified as a teacher in our areas. so that was overwhelming. that and our professor said we should all take the LAST exam before we leave MCC and i'm leaving like next semester. it's not required or anything. but still. iiiidk.

i had human geography today. my one and only class for the day. nothing but note taking really. he handed out our first assignment today. we have to do a mental map about the most important place in our life. and that's due february something as well.

i worked monday 5-8. tuesday 2-8. wednesday was suppose to be my 1 day off, but they asked me if i wanted to work yesterday 5-8 so i did. aaaand tonight i work 2-8. i have a total of 18 hours and since minimum wage went up, i should get over $100 check, which is awwwwesome for me! i'm really not looking forward to working 2-8 today. i'm sick and tired of working. just in general. thank gawwwd i have off this weekend. it's just gonna be nice not having to worry about school or work or anything. besides homework of course.

so let's see. school. work. dan...

dan and i are doing AMAZING! =D =D =D

this semester is going much smoother than last semester. we both keep busy and we barely fight.

you know it's weird. because last semester school was a breeze, but dan and i faught all the time. this semester school is difficult, but dan and i are doing AMAZING! lol.

OHH! in between everything that's been going on, dan's mom called me while i was at work on tuesday so i called her back when i got home. she said she missed my face and voice. =D i've missed her. alot. i meant to get in touch with her, but i've just been so busy so it was nice to catch up with her.

this weekend i'm letting jessica dye my hair. i wanna go darker. maybe a burgundy? i'm a little skeptical letting my 16-year old sister do it, but she's done hers before and it comes out awesome so we'll see.

dan comes home NEXT weekend for valentine's day then we leave for floorduhhhhhhhh the 16th at 4:30am. ugh. and i hate long car rides.

alright i'm gonna go downstairs and get something to eat.

until next time. whenever that is.

bye all!


misssam831 [userpic]

A good one...

January 31st, 2006 (09:43 pm)

Never leave that till tomorrow, which you can do today. We have to make our own mistakes. We have to learn our own lessons. We have to sweep today's possibility under tomorrow's rug until we can't anymore. Knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beat the hell out of never trying.
~Grey's Anatomy

misssam831 [userpic]

One week down...

January 27th, 2006 (05:25 pm)

Moodage: i need to take a nap
I hear: dad yelling up to me it's time to eat!!!

16 more to go. ugh.

so wednesday math was scheduled in the math lab at 8:20! our flakey professor's been e-mailing all us left and right with room and times changes. this room, that room. this time, that time. i swear he has NO idea what he's doing. so i got there, signed in then registered for MyMathLab but it wouldn't work on those computers, so of course we had to switch rooms. and if THAT wasn't frusterating enough, we spent the ENTIRE class doing classwork on MyMathLab. our professor just walks around and we ask questions. ok. how the HELL am i suppose to pass the effing course if the TEACHer doesn't TEACH!? i obviously don't KNOW the material considering i didn't "pass" math 098 with a C or better LAST semester. so i don't know how they expect me or ANY of us to do THAT much better with NO instruction whatsoever. grrrrrrrr...

after math was history. our professor gave us the article summary assignment that's due on monday. a 12 page article. ugh. then the professor lectured and we took notes. and my last class was english.

then i worked 5-8. same old story.

yesterday the only class i had was human geography from 9:30-10:50. our professor just lectured and we took some notes. so that was cool. ha! our professor lovvvves to be loud and swear so it's amusing. anyway.

i had to work 2-8 and no, they didn't send me home early. my back and feet were hurting by the end of the night.

it's finally friday! i've been waiting for this day since monday.

we fiiiiiiiinally have a permanent classroom for math!!! a classroom. not a math lab. and our professor is gonna lecture us. not the computer. but we still have to do the homework and quizzes on MyMathLab, which i don't mind as long as someONE, NOT someTHING is teaching me.

we're learning about Jamestown and all that hooplah in history. we took some more notes and watched a clip from the Disney movie Pocahontas. funnnn stuff mannnn.

english grrrrrrrr. that class is gonna be a biiiiiiiitch. i'm a good writer, but it's the little things like the terminology that gets to me. or maybe it's because i haven't taken an english class since high school and we're not in high school anymore.

so after class, i was a liiiiiiiittle stressed out. i just broke down in the car. i guess this is what i get for getting off so easy last semester. i had nothing but fluff work last semester and now i'm crrrrrrrrammed with work like whoa the first week of classes the second semester. ugh.

when i got home, i watched one of my fav-o-rite episodes of Boy Meets World then worked on some math. then i went to Wendy's to pick up my check and HSBC to cash it then filled my gas tank up. then i got my hair cut. just a trim. and then i went to Wegmans to pick up some stuff i've been needing.

and now i'm home! i'm getting sleepy and idky. i have so much homework to do this weekend. and i have a feeling i'm gonna be spending my saturday doing most if not all of it. ugh.

dan's coming home in 14 days!! and since we're broke college students, we're not gonna be going out. we're still gonna do the whole candy/card thing, but i got the idea that dan could make us dinner then we can rent our fav-o-rite love movies and watch them together. i think it's a cute idea and i can't wait! just being with him!!

alright dinner time!

bye all!


misssam831 [userpic]

"Innocent until proven guilty."

January 24th, 2006 (11:26 am)

Moodage: i need cough syrup!!!
I hear: the humming of my computer..

okay so saturday night dan and i didn't end up going out. dan played The Sims all night and i fell asleep. and then the fire alarm decided to go off at 3am, so i had to wake up, change quick, then stand outside in the cold. jenn and the gang had a power hour, so they were a liiiittle drunk, but it was funny. jenn walked dan and i back to dan's room and i went back to bed and dan came to bed a bit later.

sunday dan and i went to breakfast with jenn and ashley. i got waffles and a hash brown. afterward, we went back to dan's room and just hung out and watched Friends until his dad and matthew came at 4. we hung around and waited while dan's dad helped clean up dan's room a bit, showed him all of the materials he bought dan, unpackaged everything then helped dan organize it all. then dan walked us back out to the car, we all said goodbye then left. hopefully dan's coming home the weekend before Valentine's Day, which is in 18 days. anyway. when i got home, i unpacked and got everything ready for school...

monday was my first day of the second semester as a college freshman. i went in early so i could go around and make sure i knew where all of my rooms were for the day.

my first class was math at 9. it was in a math lab and they apparently scheduled 2 classes in that same room at that same time, so we got out early. so much for that class. then i had U.S. History. we watched a short video documentary and then the professor introduced himself and his rules for the course. this girl i knew when i went to St. Charles sits next to me and her brother was in my class. aaaaaaaand a kid i went to high school with keith is in that class too! it's amazing the people you run into at MCC. and then i had english. we asked questions about the course then took a little field trip to her office to pick up the course information packet.

i had a 2 hour break (but only on Mondays) for lunch, so emily and i got lunch. i got soup and salad plus rob and bri made muffins! i ate and talked with emily for a bit then we went to the bathroom and to the nurse so she could get an Advil... she's my new partner in crime! emily had class at 1, so i spent my last hour of my break talking with rob and bri.

my introduction to teaching class is from 2-3:20 on mondays. only. so it's not too bad. we just spent the class getting to know eachother by writing down 4 things we are interested in then walking around and seeing who had similar interests as us then we had to introduce our partner to the class. i met this kid chris who was born in Italy and is in a band, so he seemed cool. then we got into groups and presented our role as a teacher. and next monday we're doing a scavenger hunt! i think this class is gonna be really similar to my CDL from last semester... nothing by fluff work. except i had to read 4 chapters in our book and do a journal entry for next monday. anyway.

i had an awwwwesome first day.

i got home around 4 then got ready for work. i went in 15 minutes early and got a chicken sandwich before my shift started at 5.

it. was. so. slow. i ended up getting sent home early because we weren't making enough business.

when i got home, i was in one of those moods. i was just lonely and miserable and idky. i ended up taking a drive by the beach with the sister then came home and showered.

i've been up all night coughing. like hard. like to the point where my muscles hurt because of it. and it's thee ab-so-lute WORSE when i wake up. it sucks.

today i only had 2 classes. math at 8:30. but i had to go in early so i could buy my math book and U.S. History book, so i did that then went to math. today i noticed this kid that was in my math class last semester. he told me that he got a D+ and THAT sucks. but again, we didn't do anything (since the computers were down) but go over the course information packet, which i know everything about the course anyway considering i took it already! but it's soo different from last semester. we're not doing lectures, instead we're using this computer software called MyMathLab and then came with the book i bought. all of our homework and quizzes are done on that and then the tests are handwritten. it just seems more independent. like an online course. and our teacher seems really nervous, so idk about that class. he let us our early. again. big surprise.

my last class for the day was human geography, which i was a little nervous about until i met the professor who seems really really cool! i thought it was gonna be memorizing the states, but there's so much more to it. and our class is hugeeee... there are 13 people on the waiting list! so it HAS TO be a really really cool course. we have to cover 8 sections and 1 of the 8 sections is on cemeteries, so we get to take a field trip to a cemetary for extra credit! he says it's gonna be on a Saturday at like 10 in the morning, but who cares. so i'm siked about that class! he even let us all go early, so i got home around 11...

aaaand i don't have to work tonight! but i work tomorrow 5-8 then thursday 2-8. sharon called me in yesterday to come in early, but i had class. i felt bad because i could really use the hours. ah well...

so i think i'm gonna use some of that extra time and do some of that reading that was assigned tonight, but i'm lazy so who knows with me! maybe i'll take a nap. i'm kinda sorta tired.

hooooookay. that's all.

bye all!


misssam831 [userpic]

Buff State for the weekend

January 21st, 2006 (07:02 pm)

Moodage: aha.. i love this show!!!
I hear: friends and random people walking by in the hall

okay so i set my alarm for 7am on friday it went off and i closed my eyes for what seemed like a minute then i woke up to my mom calling my cell to wake me up at like 10 to 8. so i got up, showered and got ready then mom and i went to MCC to get my books. there was hardly any line, so that was good. probably because it was early and at the last minute, but i'm not complaining. while we there, i got a couple new folders and a new pink backpack! after we got my books, we went up to Records and Registration and handed in my transcript application, so i'm all done applying for buff state! aaaaaaaand now we waaaaiiiit. on the way home, we ran into Wegmans then when we we got back home, i finished getting ready and packing while mom napped.

we left for buff at 11:15 but stopped at McDonald's first. i got to buff closer to 1. dan and jenn met me outside. we went back to dan's room so dan could show me the skins he's been working on for the Sim's and jenn went to class. i saw charlie in the hallway so i said hi! i guess he's dan roommate again this semester because that david kid never showed and charlie needed a place to sleep, so i'm glad about that! then dan and i went up to jenn's room and i met jaime for the first time. ashley was still hungover from the night before so she was just laying on jenn's bed talking to rachael on the phone. lol. poor girl. then dan, jamie, and i went up into mike's room and i met mike, andrew, and mike's roomate, kyle. jaime went back down to jenn's room to keep ashley company, so i went with her. then ashley went back up to mike's room and i talked to jaime and got to know her a little better. then we went BACK up to mike's room. jenn met us all there after class and then we decided to go out to at the Roadhouse Grill. ashley and jenn went with jaime in her car and dan and i went with kyle and andrew in andrew's car. mike couldn't go because he was too hung over, lol. we first had to stop at Tops, so jenn could cash her check, so dan and i ran into Radio Shack with andrew so he could look at headphones. and thennnnnnnn after following jaime's obstacle course, passing about 10 possible restaurants, and waiting 25 minutes for jaime to cash her check, we finally got there. i just got the loaded baked potato, but mmmm was it good! afterward, dan and i rode back with ashley and jamie, but we stopped at jaime's brother's first then went back to campus. dan and i went to dan's room and charlie was sleeping. then dan and i showered and got ready then the whole gang came down and reminded us about the hockey game at 7. so we finished getting ready then met them all at the hockey game. after the hockey game, dan and i went up to mike and kyle's room with mike, kyle, andrew, jaime, and will. then the guys ordered some awwwwesome pizza while dan agonized over this puzzle that mike got him and everyone else going on! lol. then we went into andrew's room. andrew made between 60 and 70 jello shots, so everyone was drinking and funneling! andrew had this awwwwesome soda making machine, so i had him make me a sprite! everyone played bet ya liva and will was already drunk, so. lol. and thennnnnnnn we all played CATCH PHRASE!! after figuring how who was on what team. it was my first time and my team LOST!! it was just soo intense, but fun. after the 3rd game, it was going on 3am! but it really felt like 9pm. so dan and i said goodnight to everyone then we downstairs to his room and went to bed.

dan and i slept in until 1pm today then we got up, showered, and got ready. when i was waiting to use the shower, ashley and jenn were heading to the union to get fooood. and when i got back from the shower, andrew was in dan's room, so him and dan went up to see if kyle wanted to come with us to Jim's Steakout while i finished getting ready. kyle didn't end up going, so it was just the 3 of us.

dan has been napping ever since we got back. or so it seems he has. ashley called, so we helped her and jenn bring up their groceries from Tops to jenn's room and now dan's napping again and i'm just kinda chilling here. being bored. watching friends. but still bored. ashley was suppose to come down to keep me company, but she had to make dinner with jenn and jon. it's okay.

i thiiiiiiiink i'm gonna go wake dan up now since it's going on 8pm

...i wonder what's going on tonight

bye all!


misssam831 [userpic]

and i'll fall asleep tonight cus that brings me closer to you

January 19th, 2006 (11:17 pm)

Moodage: gahh i keep coughing!!
I hear: matchbook romance - promise

so monday i didn't end up going out to eat at Applebee's with the sister. she thought it would be cute for me to drive all the way there, give them my name, then sit down and wait then decide to leave. all because i asked to see her $25 gift card because i wanted to make sure we had enough before we sat down and actually ordered then got in trouble for NOT having enough. but no. go figure. and i was really looking forward to it since dan left. so that bummed me even MORE. way to add to the depression. thanks a lot.

i worked monday 5-8. i left my work shoes at dan's, so i had to stop over there and pick them up. just being there for 5 minutes felt great. i worked with don and laurie. and it was slow. slow enough that i don't remember much of the night. i probably just ate a buttload and stocked the majority of the night.

tuesday i went to MCC to drop MTH 104 and add MTH 098. i waited in line then they finally gave me the drop/add application to fill out and then i just waited around for 45 minutes until i finally went up to the window and said something. it's a good thing i didn't wait until tomorrow to do this because spots for MTH 098 were filling up fast. much faster than i thought they would. so they basically just switched tuesday and thursday. instead of having off tuesday like i did last semester, i have off thursday. same times though. monday, wednesday, and friday from 9-9:50 and tuesdays 8:30-9:20. i wonder who my professor will be? then i was directed to Records and Registration to have my fall MCC transcript sent to buff. there was line there too, but it wasn't too bad. when it was my turn, they had me fill out the transcript application, but the girl that was helping me was so rude. uuuugggghhhh. everytime i asked her a question, she talked to me like i was stupid. and then she told me that there was a hold on my transcript, so i just said fuck it and left. i told my mom what had happened and she called MCC and apparently they made a "mistake", so now i can send my transcript to buff. which i plan on doing tomorrow when i go up there to get my books.

that night i was SUPPOSE to work 5-8, but don apparently called me and left a message telling me i didn't have to come in. i'm kinda getting sick and tired of them cutting me all of the time. plus i look forward to working more now a days since dan's gone... it gets my mind off of everything.

yesterday i worked 5-8. when they took me off of register, i got lazy towards the end of my shift.

aaaand last night when i called vinnie, his little brother CJ answered and told me that vinnie hit his stepdad over the head with a pipe because he was going after CJ and that vinnie was talking to the cops. whoa now. that's just crazy!! but i guess the cop is going to use vinnie as a witness instead of a suspect. i'm surprised vinnie didn't get arrested. i'm GLAD he didn't though.

i was suppose to be spending the weekend at dan's parents' because my parents are going out of town and my mom still doesn't want me home alone overnight, so i was gonna spend the weekend at dan's parents' house, which i didn't mind at all. but dan's mom called my cell today to let me know that bernie can pick me up from buff on sunday since the weather's gonna be nice and there may not be another chance of there being nice weather in who knows how long, so i might as well go up now, right?

i was so fuckin happy when i found out!! ahh i got all excited and called dan to let him know, then my mom, then i called dan's mom back, i told jenn and ashley just ahh!! so my mom's gonna take me up to buff tomorrow then dan's dad is gonna pick me up on sunday. but my mom and i first have to go to MCC to get my books and send out my transcript. i wanna pick up my check from Wendy's then cash it. then i have to stop at dan's and pick up some stuff to bring up and give them dan's supply list he had to write down to give to them, so that way dan's dad can pick up all of his supplies he'll need this weekend and just bring them up with him when he comes and picks me up on sunday. anyway.

so i worked 5-8 tonight. with shabion. i think she likes to yell at everyone just for the hell of it. she's turning into sharon more and more, i swear.

andddd during my shift, this older woman came in with this little girl who i'd say was about 10. and i noticed she was crying. or had BEEN crying. so after i took her order, she went into the bathroom and all of a sudden the grandma started to cry, too! and then she told me that the little girl's father, mother, AND brother had just been killed!!

what do you say to that?? what can you say to that??

i just... didn't know what to say to all of that. all i could think of to say was "i'm sorry" and i gave them a free Frosty. i felt soo bad and couldn't stop thinking about that allllllll night. that's like... dan losing his dad, mom, and matthew!! ahh.

i did some laundry earlier tonight for this weekend and i just finished watching Friends with my mom downstairs. so i'm gonna go get ready for the bed then turn on Friends and fall asleep in the middle of an episode. i have to set my alarm for 7am because i have to go to MCC to get my books plus alot of other running around and my mom wants to leave for buff at 11 so she can be home in time to pick up my sister before she has to leave for out of town. that and i'm sick so i'm gonna get some much needed sleep for this weekend. and OHH!! 8 months tomorrow! i'll update again if i have the time this weekend or on sunday when i get home. who knows though because classes start up again on monday.

bye all!


misssam831 [userpic]

Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentlemen.

January 16th, 2006 (11:50 am)

Moodage: pretty fcking bummed.
I hear: a FOB song that dan got me addicted to

okay. so thursday i picked dan up from work at 3 and reminded him about the night before =P apparently he doesn't remember coming home and after i left, he ended up throwing up and only remembers bits and pieces of that.

thursday night i worked 5-8. sharon ended up having some appointment, so it was just don and laurie, but we were busy, so it's not like i got to eat or anything =P i worked with paula for the first time in F-O-R-E-V-E-R. we talked about this new guy she's been seeing. she talked about him all of the time and gets so giddy. it's so cute that you can still get that way over someone even if you're older.

Friday dan worked 12-5. during this time, i ended up going to Delta Sonic so i could use my FREE oil change coupon to get my oil changed with my mom and a new air filter put in and they even filled up my windshield wiper fluid. idk. the car seemed to be running MUCH smoother. i got a call from dan's mom letting me know that his dad was gonna pick him up from work, so i did my usual Friday errands. we ended up getting McDonald's. i wish i had gotten a chicken instead, but oh well. and they FORGOT dan's 2 double cheeseburgers, so while dan showered, his mom called and his dad ran down and picked them up. he didn't end up wanting the second one, so he just gave it to me. so all together, i had cheeseburger, a 10 piece nugget, a couple fries, and then his double cheeseburger! =D

then we watched some more Family Guy until jeb came over. he ended up burning me Dane Cook's Harmful If Swallowed and Retaliation CD 1 & 2!! =D i totally and completely forgot i even asked him!

friday night was guys' night, so i ended up going to see Memiors of a Geisha with katie thayer. it got better once i got what was going on towards the end. i'd give it a 5... ish.

so dan got home at 4am, so i called him then ended up going over and spending a whole 2 hours sleeping over his house because he had to work at 7 or 8, i forget now. when he left, i ended up sleeping in untiiil i forget when. dan worked until 2 or 3, i forget now. dan and i napped at some point then rachel, kenny, hunter, mileena, and aunt cheryl came over!! we played poker, just for the fun of it, then had pizza and cheesy breadsticks OMGGG soooo good. then they wanted to bet money and i didn't feel like betting any money, so i ended up falling asleep on the couch. i woke up as everyone was leaving, said goodbye, then dan and i went to bed.

yesterday was spent making sure dan had everything to go back to school. at one point, i stopped home to get dan's couple pairs of sweatpants i wore home and started crying all the way home =( then again when i got back to dan's. i can't help it...

sammi's in love. what can i say? =P

so dan laid up in his bedroom with me then we took a shower together then burned CDs for the ride up to buff. i ended up going with them to drop dan off because i knew they wanted me to plus they would need my help at some point or another. we listened to Dane Cook to lighten the mood for some of the way up there.

when we got to buff, we were able to pull up to the door and load dan's stuff into his dorm. it smelled just like Perry Hall =P OHH! it turns out dan has a new roommate. david chu. so anyways. dan and i made the bed while dan's dad loaded up his fridge then dan and his dad hooked his computer up. jenn ended up stopping in at one point and she wanted me to come up and see her room since she just moved into Perry. we went pass ashley's room, but she was working. i noticed the ends of the hallways have different smells. it smells pretty on the girl's ends but the guy's ends smell like feet. anyways, jenn had so many pictures and a tissue box taped to her wall. how convenient of her =P

after we got dan all settled in, we went to Jim's Steakout as a surprise since matthew's never been there. i ended up switching things up and getting the steak and cheese sub. i personally like the chicken finger sub betterrrr. afterward, we walked dan back up to his room, said goodbye, then he walked us back down to the door and said goodbye again. you know. i surprisely handled it MUCH better than i had originally thought i would. much.

but i still miss him. very much. it's just gonna take some getting use to.

problmchild45: it will be worth it when u get through it all
problmchild45: plus after this semester u will be in school together

this is true =)

i mean. i can either bum around and waste my days being depressed (and i HATE being depressed) OR i can remember the memories and look forward to what's to come.

i vote for the second one =D

i listened to my CD player the whole ride home. when we got back to dan's, i sat and talked with dan's mom for a minute then got my stuff and left. i'm really gonna miss seeing them everyday. but i will be sure to call them later in the week. who knows. maybe even stop by. i'm gonna have to because Survivor starts February 2nd and we have to draw names!

OHH!! dan's thinking about coming home the weekend before for Valentine's Day. that would be nice =)

and i'm leaning more and more towards going to Florida in February during President's week. because i'm not gonna be doing anything else and it's a FREE trip and we all know how much i like FREE everything =D

so last night i had to get out of the house. during that time, steve-o called my cell and asked me to come out, but i (thought, anyways) i had to get up early and get my books for school and reschedule for my classes then finish filling out my application for buff state. so he said next weekend i'm gonna have to come out and party with them!! =D

alrighty, the sister wants to go to Applebee's because she has a $25 coupon then to the mall then i have to work 5-8. so until next time...

i'm out!


i miss you - really bad.

bye all!


misssam831 [userpic]


January 12th, 2006 (11:05 am)

Moodage: good times
I hear: TBS

so its been a few days. sorry guys.

lets recap:


i worked 5-8 and it was slow. as usual. and i was on front register. as usual. so i snacked on chicken nuggets and that new BBQ sauce for those new sandwiches, mmmmmmmm. idk what it is about that sauce, but it tastes so MUCH better than our BBQ dipping sauce for the nuggets. don let me make myself a sandwich, so i ate that in the break room until i had costumers, which sucked too because as soon as one would leave, another would come in and i had to leave my sandwich in the break room until it was clear up front. and i got myself a cho-co-late milk, mmmmmmmm. i lovvvve iiit when don and laurie are working and it's not busy.

monday i was up until 6:30am! but that was my sister jessica's fault because she came up to watch FRIENDS! at 5am =P


dan had off from work. i HAD to work 5-8, but apparently they called my mom and told her i didn't have to go in. my mom called my cell and left a voicemail message, but i didn't get it until it was too late. it wasnt a big deal though. since i was there anyway, i gave sara a ride home then went back to dan's and talked with dan's mom about all sorts of stuff, nothing usual or anything. because dan, his dad, and matthew were out buying a new Poker set. thennnn we got our FREE PIZZA for din din and it wasnt burn this time! mmmmmmmm so good. aaand thats all i can really remember about Tuesday, except that i was up until 4am.

... was Wednesday.

dan had to work 12-3, so i gave him a ride to work. 3 hours, not bad. during that time, i did 2 loads of laundry, showered, then started applying to buff state. i first wrote a letter to GCC requesting my transcript for ENG 101 to buff. i found out that i DO indeed need a C or better in MTH 098 to move on to MTH 104 and since i got a C-, i have to take the class over again. so on monday, i have to go to MCC and reschedule. pain in my assss. and i called Odyssey to make sure i had atleast a C in ENG 101 because i know i got a C-, but i wasnt sure in what, so i left a message and they got back to me today and it turns out that i DO indeed have a C in ENG 101, so THERES a good thing. thennnn i started filling out the actual application. the deadline for the fall is June 1, so im gonna do a little bit each day. its really not that bad, but some of the questions are unneccassary... i think anyways.

dan's mom called me while i was doing my make-up and asked me to pick up fudgicles, but i didnt have money on me, so i would have to stop there to get some money and then go. i picked dan up from work at 3. dan told me he thought he saw my mom pull through drive through then as i was pulling out of the parking lot, she called my cell to let me know she saw him too! lol. when we got back to dan's, i dropped him off then ran up to Wegmans to pick up those fudgicles for dan's mom. i saw aaaaaaaallllllll the Valentine's Day goodies they have out! candy, flowers, and stuffed animals! its all so red, pink, and white! eeeek im so excited!! i lovvvve Valentine's Day to begin with. always have, always will. regaurdless if i have a valentine or not. but i cant waiiit to share this one with my daniel =) anyways.

when i got back to dan's, dan was on the computer then he showered and got ready because his dad wanted to go pick up dan's new glasses as soon as he got home from work. there was a small delay though because dan and matthew were teaching me how to play Poker on their new Poker set. i just need more practice. i didn't end up going with them to pick up the glasses. when they got back, dan and i went out to eat at Ricciiii's. we both got the chickem parm, mmmmmmmm. the chicken was so juicy and tender and they gave us 2 chicken breasts with a side of fries and our choice of soup or salad. its a nice little place. definitely your money's worth. i, of couse, didn't finish my second chicken breast, so i took it home with us.

steve-o called dan during dinner then jeb ended up picking us up at 7:30 and we all went to Classic Billard's to play pool. we listened to Dane Cook in the parking lot while waiting for brian and steve-o to show up. when they did, we hung out in the parking lot so they could finish their Sparks then we went in. we got the table right by the jukebox! =D so steve-o could play with it. we were at Billard's for a while then decided to stop and sit in the parking lot of Put-Put then decided to go to dan's which REALLY turned into going back to jeb's to play beer pong. on the way, steve-o stopped and got some more alcohol and alcohol like things and we went back to jeb's. dan finally taught us all how to play bet ya liva, which definitely got the guys aaaaaaaalllllll AMP'd up like you wouldn't belieeeeve. well. brian, dan, and steve-o, anyway. they were all being louder than loud! they would be standing right next to eachother, but still screaming at eachother, lol. you just HAD to be there. it was hi-larious. at some point, cody ended up stopping over. aaand thennnn steve-o bet dan $20 bucks then he couldnt cug the whole mug filled with Sparks, but surrrre enough, he did. he was already being loud before that, so you can only imagine what he was like after. ive never. EVER. seen dan like that. he was being soooooooo sloppy, his eyes were soo glazed, and he ended up falling on his ass! hahaha. brian had to hold him up and steve-o video recorded it all on his cell. after that little ordeal, we all ended up going to Nick Tahooooe's. i just had a hot dog. nothing special. after Tahoe's, brian dropped dan and i back off at dan's and i put dan to bed.


no more on THAT topic.

what a way to spend a Wednesday night.

good times.

i got to bed after 4am, which probably wasnt good on my part considering ive only gotten a few hours sleep the past few nights. its the damn computer's fault =P

dan works 8-3. yeaaaah. good luck with THAT one. then i work 5-8 and i reallyyy don't wannaaa. i really probably SHOULD want to though considering i didnt Tuesday.

not much else to report. jessica got her wisdom teeth taken out, so he mouth is really swollen =/ i feel bad for her. and its been extreeeemely nice out the past 2 days. hey, im not complaing or anything! =P i love how a 50 degree day feels like a 90 degree day! but saturday its suppose to go back down to 20. yucky =(

mk thats all.

bye all!


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